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River Above Asia and Oceania Ecclesial Network

Territorial Voices

Voices from Oceania, featuring Leonaitasi Hoponoa, a community doctor from the Kingdom of Tonga, shares about the realities and psycho-spiritual challenges experienced by the local people that exacerbates their vulnerability to socioecological threats.

Voices from Oceania, featuring Sr. Mariana Tevurega speaks about the threats to ecological integrity faced by communities in the province of Ba in the Western Division due to black sand extraction.

Voices from Oceania, featuring Yeni Kristanti shares her stories on working with the Asmat people of Sawa Erma in West Papua and how the Sawa Erma parish accompanied the community amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Voices from Oceania, featuring Rosalyn Kayah, Country Director of Jesuit Refugee Service-Myanmar, shared the initiatives of the people in Kayah State to care for the people and the environment.

Voices from Oceania, featuring Alma Lumista, from the Pulangiyēn Indigenous Community in Mindanao, Philippines, highlights their spiritual relationship with Creation, and how the Pulangiyēn’s culture teaches them to value all forms of life.

Voices from Oceania, featuring Sr. Makareta Tawaroa from the Whanganui-Māori Tribe in the Manawatū-Whanganu region of New Zealand shares the environmental concerns in the Whanganui River and its surrounding areas.

Voices from Oceania, featuring Somnuek Sriphornphunsawat from the Emmaus Center in Chiang Mai, Thailand, shared the experiences and practices of local communities in northern Thailand in caring for the land, forests and people.

Federation of Catholic Bishops’ Conferences of Oceania (FCBCO) President Archbishop Peter Loy Chong tells stories, from his childhood in Fiji, to the current experiences of communities in Oceania, to shed light on the different threats faced by the ocean and Oceania peoples.

Jason Menaling, from the Pulangiyēn community in northern Mindanao, Philippines, shares stories of climate action and adaptation initiatives by Indigenous Peoples.