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Indigenous youth in Mindanao, Philippines: What is climate action really about?

In March and September 2019, Indigenous youth leaders, students and staff of the Apu Palamguwan Cultural Education Centre (APC) in Mindanao, Philippines engaged in climate action activities in solidarity with the Global Climate Strikes, where they shared their cultural values and practices that contribute to climate change mitigation. This video captures their local perspectives and cultural identity as a people who lives out integral ecology, and dreams of climate justice. They define climate action in five points:

1. Justice for ordinary people and the youth

2. Speaking out with integrity

3. Valuing silence, reflection, and prayer to strengthen faith and hope

4. Indigenous peoples sustaining their culture and identity while sharing a dream

5. Mainstream society understanding the integral role of indigenous communities and realizing the interconnectedness of our lives APC continues to engage in climate actions amidst the ongoing pandemic through agroforestry and sustainable agriculture. It is supported by the Ecojesuit global ecology network, and the River above Asia Oceania Ecclesial Network (RAOEN) that connects and communicates its work regionally and globally.

Acknowledgements: Production by Raiza Javier

Direction and promotional support by Ecojesuit and the River above Asia Oceania Ecclesial Network (RAOEN)

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