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River Above Asia and Oceania Ecclesial Network

Ecclesial Networks Alliance for Integral Ecology: Contributions to COP26

There is an urgent need to develop a creative dialogical space in an adequate environment in order to respond to the appeals made in Laudato Si’, and to enact the structural transformations it put forward. The Amazon Synod, and the concrete experience of REPAM (Pan-Amazon Ecclesial Network), together with the evolving processes in other territories and biomes including the Congo Basin (REBAC), the Asia and Oceania Region (RAOEN – River Above Asia Oceania Ecclesial Network), Mesoamerica (REMAM), the Gran Chaco and the Guarani Aquifer territory, as well as those in Europe (ELSiA and CIDSE) and North-America Canada and the USA, with the support of the Laudato Si’ Research Institute and the Dicastery for Promoting Integral Human Development, offer an opportunity to join hopes and strengths to accompany some of the key territorial processes which serve the reforms led by Pope Francis to respond to the cries of the world’s poor and of our common home.

To respond to this mission, a platform called the Ecclesial Networks Alliance for Integral Ecology has been created, which seeks to integrate the different territorial ecclesial networks to generate common reflections and actions, and to strengthen the particular work of each of the networks that comprise it. In this sense, we present a simple, but significant contribution, in which we offer the concrete voices of the representatives of communities, peoples or ecclesial organizations in the diverse biomes and territories of the planet, seeking to provide with testimonies as a contribution to the urgent reflections and decisions that will take place at the next COP26. May these voices help to present concrete faces which might help all leaders to understand what’s at stake in this summit.

Read the full document here (EN | ES | FR)

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