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River Above Asia and Oceania Ecclesial Network

Doing theology from the existential peripheries: A report from Oceania

Doing Theology from the Existential Peripheries is a research project of the Migrants and Refugees Section (M&R) of the Dicastery for Promoting Integral Human Development, Holy See. It aims to deepen the teaching of Pope Francis and promote a renewal of theology. “The project is built on the belief that those who have been marginalised, whether socioeconomically, socially, or in other ways, hold a wisdom capable of reopening discourse, especially where there are tensions. Specifically, it seeks to uncover the sensus fidei fidelium of those often excluded from discourse within society and especially within the Church. In this way, we can nurture and grow Christian thought beginning from a deep sense of faith in order to transform lives and hearts once again.RAOEN shares an excerpt of the Oceania report that documents the listening process in the Pacific Region focusing on ‘ecological conscience’.

Indigenous people and the wisdom of their insights can assist the broader community to learn from their integrated spiritual awareness. The people and the church of Oceania need to listen anew to Indigenous wisdom to develop a more effective response to the Word of God in our time and in this place.

If we work together as believing communities, we can develop balanced and highly effective outcomes for ethical decision-making and action to save our common home. These actions will strengthen the credibility of our public advocacy as people of faith, particularly when we articulate new theological statements based on insights which have emerged through these listening exercises. These statements will also be new expressions of the sensus fidei fidelium, especially those consistently articulated about the integration of the whole of creation as the basis of our relationship with and belief in God the Creator. With gratitude we have gathered these gifts of insight through the voices of the people from the existential peripheries of our world in the Oceania Region.

The full report can be accessed here.

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