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River Above Asia and Oceania Ecclesial Network

Committing to a South-North climate justice advocacy

Ecojesuit, the Global Ignatian Advocacy Network on Ecology, recently released a statement for COP28, Committing to a South-North climate justice advocacy. RAOEN joins this journey in seeking to contribute to a strengthening of a South-North dialogue on climate justice and where there is greater concern for the Ocean states.

Ecojesuit upholds tough hope and deepened faith as We uphold tough hope and deepened faith as valid forms of participation in global spaces. It is through faith that our commitment is strengthened in working towards an integral ecology way of living while standing alongside the most vulnerable.

We join the call of Laudate Deum (LD) for COP28 to be a “a historic event that honors and ennobles us as human beings” (LD 59) through the following action points:

  1. Commit to developing the Fossil Fuel Non-proliferation Treaty, slashing emissions through a just fossil fuel phaseout, and holding top polluters accountable;
  2. Transform financial systems by establishing equitable financial flows of the Loss and Damage fund for climate vulnerable communities;
  3. Implement climate action on agriculture and food security (Sharm el-Sheikh joint work on implementation of climate action on agriculture and food security or SJWA) that upholds the role of agroecology and culture-based solutions in addressing food and water vulnerabilities;
  4. Deliver USD 100 billion of public and private climate finance annually by developed countries in support of the Global South, and bridge gaps to meet the goal of USD 4.3 trillion by 2030 (OECD & Climate Policy Initiative, 2022); and
  5. Commit to course-correcting adaptation and mitigation deficiencies to keep the goals of the 2015 Paris Agreement alive

“I ask everyone to accompany this pilgrimage of reconciliation with the world that is our home and to help make it more beautiful, because that commitment has to do with our personal dignity and highest values.” (LD 69)

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